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About Us

Sportbrief is one of the fastest growing online sports magazines in the country with daily site visits of at least 15 000 people.

Started in 2014 by Tongai Mwenje and a team of journalists and technologists, the website focuses on providing up to date sports news both in the local, regional  and international spheres.

In addition to that, we are also constantly involved in community development projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports and Recreation.

This has helped to legitimize our image as an organisation with a purpose that goes beyond merely making profits and has been one of the driving forces behind our growth in readership and site visits.

Our Services and Products 

  • uptodate sports news
  • media and design consultancy
  • live streaming services
  • digital media consultancy ( facebook, twitter and website management)
  • Coaching clinic services
  • Talent scouting and development through our Academy ( Sportbrief Academy)
  • Sport Events Management ( Tournaments, sport seminars)

Sportbrief Team 


 1. Tongai Mwenje ( Founder and Senior Editor) 



     2. Carlo Chikomba (Business Development and Marketing)



                                                 3. Angeline  ( Finance and Administration) 

4 . Shylene Guvakuva ( Head of Corporate Affairs) 

5.  Causemore Gadeni ( Editor)

6.  Tafadzwa Ndiraire ( Sub-Editor)

7.  Stephen Denga ( Graphic Designer)

 8. Gift Chirauro ( Deputy Editor)