ZIFA set to pocket over $1m from FIFA Annually

The much troubled football association is set to be the beneficiary of a mouth-watering million dollar annual cash injection from FIFA, it has emerged.

By SportBrief Reporter

The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) board may be facing legitimacy issues stemming from the alleged expiration of its term of office but apparently that hasn’t stopped the entity from getting a substantial increase in yearly financial injection from the world football governing body.

It has been revealed that FIFA has substantially increased their investment into member associations through the FIFA Forward programme.

The international board continues to express its drive to see the growth of the game across the globe by raising their financial injection into the development project of various associations through the Forward programme from which countries such as Zimbabwe will get over $1.25 million annually.

ZIFA finance director Philemon Machana confirmed this development and expressed his delight at the increase in financial disbursement by FIFA.

“We are significantly increasing our financial support for member associations and football development to 5 million USD per four-year cycle for each member association from 1.6 million USD per cycle,” he said.

“This means each association has access to 750,000 US dollars per year for football projects such as pitches, competitions and women’s football.

FIFA also revealed that they were helping underprivileged associations with funding to enable their senior and youth national teams to travel for international assignments, which Machana said was key in enabling their teams to take part in competitions and friendly matches.

“And every association also receives up to 500,000 US dollars per year for running costs in areas including administration and governance.

“We are increasing our financial support for the six confederations so that they can do more to develop football in their regions,” said FIFA.

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