Toothless SRC go easy on Chiyangwa

‎The Sports and Recreation Committee has revealed a soft spot for Chiyangwa, after giving the ZIFA board at least a month to explain themselves despite having previously acknowledged that the board’s term of office had expired.

By SportBrief Reporter

The SRC has seemingly yielded to ZIFA president Phillip Chiyangwa’s resolve to cling on to power, with the commission recently announcing that it will give the ‘current’ ZIFA board an opportunity to explain their side of the story at a press conference held on Friday at the SRC offices.

This comes after the SRC had, a few months back, issued a directive that in accordance with the constitution, the businessman’s term in office should expire on the 28th of March this year.

And seeing as how that date has long passed, it’s surprising that the sports regulatory board still recognises Chiyangwa’s board with this latest revelation that it is willing to give the businessman ample time to explain himself.

“After noting the considerable interest generated by the tenure of office of the current ZIFA Executive Committee and other related corporate governance issues, the Board resolved to invoke Section 30 of the Sports and Recreation Commission Act [Chapter 25:15],” said the SRC chairman Edward Siwela.

“In terms of this section, in a process will be rolled out, in the next couple of days to afford the ZIFA Executive Committee the opportunity to make representations on these matters. Once the process has been concluded, the results will be made public.”

The Chiyangwa led ZIFA board has been at the centre of controversy over issues surrounding the legality of its term of office since it was alleged to have surpassed the said date of expiry which was supposed to be the 28th of March this year.

In a bid to act as law abiding office bearers, the football motherboard executives Joseph Mamutse, Mr Piraishe Mabhena and Felton Kamambo resigned from being ZIFA board members.

However, in a show of defiance, Chiyangwa had ignored calls by the SRC to resign, with the ZIFA board having gone on to co-opt Mr Keni Mubaiwa ( PSL Emergency Committee Chairperson)and Mrs Rosemary Kanonge (Women Soccer League Chairperson) to the Zifa Executive Committee to replace the resigning members.

The SRC chairman refused to put a time frame over the inquest, choosing to say that the commission was giving ZIFA a minimum of at least a month to respond to the matter.

Perhaps what’s even more interesting is the fact the SRC still recognises Chiyangwa’s ZIFA executive committee almost two months after acknowledging Captain Fiasco’s administration had expired.

And with Chiyangwa having clearly defied the SRC, it’s mind-boggling how instead of being reprimanded, the ZIFA chairman is being given unlimited time to explain himself thereby exposing the SRC board as a toothless lion.

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