ZIFA bans Former Association boss and others

The Zimbabwe Football Association has provisionally expelled former Association boss Vincent Pamire, Trevor Carelse-Juul, Eusebio Maseko and Rafiq Khan  from partaking in any association football-related activities in Zimbabwe for violating the ZIFA constitution.


The resolution was unanimously made by the ZIFA Executive Committee at its meeting on the 13th of April 2018, citing the above individuals’ gross violations of the ZIFA constitution and their establishment of parallel structures in an attempt to usurp power from constitutionally elected officials.

Reasons for the expulsion are as follows:

1.Peddling falsehoods and unfounded allegations against legally elected leadership in a bid to overthrow a legitimately installed leadership.

2. Establishment of illegal parallel structures meant to destabilise legitimate administration structures and attempting to wrestle power from elected.

3. Absolute disdain and disregard for the ZIFA constitution and the ZIFA Rules and Regulations. The expelled individuals’ conduct intransigently violates Article 2(e), (f) and Article 7 of the ZIFA constitution.

Accordingly, the expelled officials cease to be members of the football family and are not allowed to associate with or represent any bona fide member of the football family.

Tongai Mwenje

Tongai Mwenje is a Senior Editor with Zimbabwe's largest online sports magazine Sportbrief www.sportbrief.co.zw. He has been writing professionally since 2012 and currently writes for technology and sport blogs. He has vast experience in digital marketing, sports reporting and analysis. He is also a Sports and Technology columnist with Financial Gazette Online Sports Column and Technology Magazine respectively.

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