SRC Finally Speaks on Mighty Warriors Treatment

Almost a week after the ill treatment of the Zimbabwe Senior Women Team (the Mighty Warriors) by the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA), the Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) has finally responded to the ill-bred gesture which apparently ignited emotions  across soccer loving fans. 

By SportBrief Reporter

In its press statement, the local sport watch-dog noted that they have already contacted the local football mother board seeking clarification with regards to the issue.

“Following these media reports, the SRC Board contacted the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) seeking clarification on this matter. In its letter dated 13 April 2018, ZIFA advised that the players and officials had been given transport fares’ reimbursements calculated on the basis of the distance from Harare and that only those based in Harare were given $5.00,” reads part of the statement.

ZIFA has since acknowledged the disbursement of $5 to players residing in Harare as transport reimbursements.

“While it is true that players residing in Harare have been given $5, that amount is only meant for transport reimbursements, and, those resident outside Harare were given refunds which are commensurate with distances from their bases,” reads ZIFA statement.

The ZIFA statement came few days after the reported impasse between the Mighty Warriors and the football governing mother body.

In its findings, the Sport and Recreation Commission noted the same statement released earlier on by ZIFA.

“ZIFA further advised that the allowances for players and officials which are as agreed in their signed contracts will be deposited in their bank accounts and that players and officials had been advised.

The SRC Board would like to assure the nation that the welfare of the national team players and officials will continue to receive its serious attention and no effort will be spared in exploring ways to improve it,” SRC statement noted.

The Mighty Warriors celebratory mood were dampened hours after their triumphant 4-0 aggregate victory over Namibia as they were given only transport money with no allowances being honoured.

And in protest, the team refused to disperse, resorting to a sit in demonstration at the ZIFA Village.

The successful girl child later on dispersed the ZIFA village following an agreed resolution of the allowances impasse with the Zimbabwe Football Association.

Tongai Mwenje

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