Commonwealth Games: Eight Cameroon athletes go ‘missing’

In an apparently bizare development, eight Cameroonian athletes have reportedly gone missing from their accommodation at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

By SportBrief Reporter

The West-African team’s press attache Simon Molombe told reporters that he viewed it as “desertion” and that the missing athletes had been reported to Australian police.

The eight athletes which are consisted of three weightlifters and five boxers were last seen at different times on Monday and Tuesday.

Officials named the missing athletes as weightlifters Olivier Matam Matam, Arcangeline Fouodji Sonkbou and Petit Minkoumba, and boxers Christian Ndzie Tsoye, Simplice Fotsala, Arsene Fokou, Ulrich Yombo and Christelle Ndiang.

“The authorities are very disappointed with the deserters – some did not even compete,” Mr Molombe said.

“The pious hope is that they come back to the village and travel home with the others.”

The Australian government has warned athletes against overstaying their visas.

The Commonwealth Games Federation said it would monitor the situation but athletes had “the right to travel freely” on their visas.

The Australian Federal Police has been notified of the development, according to Kate Jones, a Queensland state government minister.

However, this is not the first time something like this has happened with seven Cameroonian athletes having pulled a similar disappearing act while in London for the Olympics in 2012.

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