Chiyangwa suspends Namibia Football Association boss

The ZIFA boss may be losing his power grip on the local scene, but he’s still very much the Cosafa boss after having suspended the Namibian FA.

By SportBrief Reporter

COSAFA president Dr Philip Chiyangwa has suspended the Football Association of Namibia on the basis of “gross misconduct” it had emerged.

A statement released by The Southern African football board read:

“I’m instructed to advise you that at its meeting of the Adhoc Committee of COSAFA on Wednesday 28th March 2018, the Committee received reports suggesting gross misconduct by you in relation to your reported attack on the President of COSAFA.”

“You are hereby called upon to submit your representations to the Secretary General of COSAFA, in writing on or before 30th April 2018 showing cause as to why your case may not be referred to the COSAFA Disciplinary Board for appropriate action. In the interim and in view of the seriousness of the matter, you are placed on suspension for a period of 90 days and pending the finalisation of the matter.”

This latest development comes after the Namibia Football Association (NFA) secretary general, Barry Rukoro, is alleged to have assaulted Chiyangwa in South Africa recently.

The fracas had reportedly started when Chiyangwa told COSAFA executive members that Rukoro and NFA president Frans Mbidi should not be allowed to go for another term once their terms in office come to an end this year (2018) as per the constitution of the NFA.

According to a Namibian media house, The Windhoek Observer, Chiyangwa is believed to have gone a step further told COSAFA executive members that Rukoro has long been sabotaging his boss. This did not go down well with Rukoro, who is alleged to have confronted Chiyangwa and beat him in the chest telling him that he is going to f**ck him up.

Hence the suspension could be somewhat retribution for the attack on the COSAFA boss. However, Chiyangwa himself has also been caught up in a storm in his homeland with his position as ZIFA chairman under threat.

Dr Fiasco, as the COSAFA boss is affectionately known is currently under fire from the Sports and Recreational Committee (SRC) with the former’s term as ZIFA president said to have expired but he’s refusing to throw in the towel.

Nevertheless, he is still very much in charge when it comes to matters concerning Southern African football if this latest news is anything to go by. Although it remains to be seen how Chiyangwa’s wrangle with the SRC will end, one thing for certain is that Chiyangwa’s still the man in COSAFA matters.

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