Burundi football officials arrested after “too many” tackles on the president

In a rather bizarre development, the government of Burundi has arrested two football officials and charged them with “conspiracy against the President” with the officials said to have allowed reckless tackles on President Pierre Nkurunziza each time he had the ball in a friendly football match.

By SportBrief Reporter

Football officials that took part in a friendly match involving the President of Burundi have apparently been arrested for not doing enough to protect the country’s head of state.

President Nkurunziza is a ‘born-again’ evangelical Christian who spends much of his time traveling Burundi with his own football team, Haleluya FC, and travels with his choir too, Komeza gusenga (which means pray non-stop).

On the 3rd February, the president’s team faced a side from the northern town of Kiremba and normally, the opposition are well aware that they are playing against the country’s president and are expected to be very soft on him, if possible, even allow him to score.

However, it so happened that on that particular day, the Kiremba team chose to field some refugees from Congo who had no idea that the Country’s President was involved in the game, and each time he had the ball, they tackled him and made him fall several times.

This was seen as an act of provocation by the state’s agents and with their ‘star’ player not allowed to shine a single time through the game, the agents decided to pin the blame on the match officials.

Kiremba administrator Cyriaque Nkezabahizi and his assistant Michel Mutama were imprisoned on Thursday and have since been slapped with “conspiracy against the President.” The duo are expected to appear in court soon.

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