Korean ambassador pays a courtesy call to Sports Minister

As the new government continues to push for international engagements under the mantra, “Zimbabwe is open for business”, the development has seen the Korean ambassador Cho Jaichel visiting the Minister of Sports, Arts and Recreation Hon. Kazembe Kazembe to find areas where the two countries can work together in the development of Sports.

By Tongai Mwenje

Speaking during the meeting, the Minister of Sports, Arts and Recreation Kazembe Kazembe confirmed that the two countries share a lot in terms of sports. To strengthen their bilateral relationship, Kazembe promised the nation two high profile games between the two countries’ senior men and women football teams.

“We do have a lot in common as far as sport is concerned. We will have a soccer match between Zimbabwe and Korea to strengthen our relations. The tourney should be between our women soccer team as well as the men’s soccer team,” said Kazembe.

Whilst the Korean ambassador was in agreement with the minister’s idea of organizing two high profile games, Jaichel said in addition to that he will organize for a Taekwondo master to visit Zimbabwe inorder to teach local athletes.

“I will organise for a Taekwondo master to come and teach Zimbabwe atheletes . I am a soccer fan and i would love to watch our countries competing,” he said.

Although Koreans participate in various sport codes at international stage, their strength and known sport has always been Taekwondo and Judo. Korea has also emerged as an Asian giant in football, with the nation reaching the finals of the 2015 Asia Cup where they were eventually beaten by winners Australia by a narrow 2-1 margin.

Korea has played host to some of the biggest sporting events on the world having been successful joint hosts of the 2002 FIFA World Cup alongside Japan and now most recently they play hosts to the 2018 Winter Olympics due to be held in the city of PyeongChang this February.

Therefore, the Asian country is in a good position to assist Zimbabwe on how to develop local sport and also share their knowledge and experience on what it would take to successfully bid for the right to host world-wide sport competitions and events.

Korea’s world class expertise in the world of sport would definitely go a long way in improving the nation’s sporting administration across all sporting codes in the country.

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