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Masvingo Province adopts Division 3 League


Masvingo Province has introduced Division 3 League in a bid to mold the young players from an early stage, SportBrief has learned.

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

The D3 League has been introduced as a noble initiative to identify young talent from early ages and then groom these young, talented players as less attention is being paid to the young ones in the bigger leagues.

This was upon realizing that most teams focus on grown up talented players and thus making it difficult for the young players to make a breakthrough in the world of football.

“We want to train the young players from a grassroots level for them to play well and discover their talent in their early ages. We also have qualified referees that will help us in the matches played,” said the League’s fixtures secretary and Acting Administrator for ZIFA Masvingo Province, Tinos Chivasa.

“Next season all Districts are to be registered in D3. We want to groom players that will play in the Premier Soccer League for the big teams and make a household name for Masvingo Province just like other players that have made their provinces proud”.

The D3 League will be registered with ZIFA and the teams that will take part in the league will pay an affiliation fee of just $15, making it affordable for the teams bearing in mind that they do not have fixed sponsorship.

“The teams in the D3 will pay an affiliation of $15 as we discovered that these teams are still developing hence they do not have sponsorship therefore we made the affiliation fee affordable. All teams will be registered by ZIFA Masvingo, said Chivasa.

Masvingo is not the only Province to come up with this initiative, with the league having also been introduced in Chivi, Zaka and most recently Gutu.

“So far the teams have 30 players with 20 being junior players and the other 10 will be adults who are there to help the kids identify their talents, added Chivasa.

The number of teams each district can have is unlimited and this allows plurality as the more teams that are registered, the more talented players can be identified in that district.

“Each District can have as many teams they want as long as they can afford the $15 required of them and the groups are divided into two, we have group 2A and 2B to ease costs as some of the teams will not be able to travel long distances since they are not financially stable,” explained the D3 League secretary.

Chivasa bemoaned the declining financial backing in Masvingo’s footballing landscape as one of the reasons why the province does not have a team representing them in the PSL.

“Lack of finance has led to the decline of football in Masvingo as most teams do not have sponsorship and even struggle to get the affiliation fee required for them to register with ZIFA. So we hope the introduction of D3 will lead to the rise of football in Masvingo as it will give the young players an opportunity to rise and get identified by different coaches in the country. That is the other reason why we made the affiliation fee affordable for the teams.”

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