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Division 1 Mutoko Traders FC franchise up for grabs


Mutoko Traders FC have officially confirmed that the Eastern Region Division One side has been put up for sale, raising the prospect of new ownership, SportBrief can reveal.

By Tongai Mwenje and Carlo Chikomba

Speaking to SportBrief, the Mutoko based club’s secretary Alvine Mubvakure said the sale was necessitated by the club’s owners’ need to pursue other avenues among other reasons.

“We decided to sell the club because we would like to pursue other commitments and also (because of) lack of support from other stakeholders,” said Mubvakure.

Asked on whether they have a set price for the club and the benefits that come with owning it Mabvakure replied:

“We don’t have a set figure (for the price of the club) but we are taking offers and it covers the franchise, stadium, club house and players depending on the consensus reached.”

mutoko stadium 3

“There is a wide range of benefits that comes with owning a D1 (division one) club. Football clubs are exempted from a lot of payments. The club also provides a platform for advertisement and creating links and credibility with other prominent stakeholders and companies.

“It also brings people together and cement social integration vis a vis political social and economic campaigns.”

The secretary also added that the club is an investment worth investing in as it is registered with the companies’ registry in addition to being a stable entity, having been in the division one for three years.

mutoko stadium

“To a would-be buyer, it’s an investment worth considering and (one of) the benefits that comes with it (is that) we are also registered it with companies registry and we will transfer full ownership to them. We have been in the league for 3 years now and have been 3-5 on the log.

“The stadium can take up to approximately 5000 plus, also it’s easier to get into the Zimbabwe Premier League in the Eastern Region,” concluded Mubvakure.

In his final remarks, Mabvakure said that in the event that the right offer doesn’t come, the club would make a plan to continue with the Division.

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