Zifa’s technical confusion

When captain fiasco, Philip Chiyangwa as he is popularly known took reins at Zifa two years ago, everyone thought football had gone to the dogs. But Phil proved almost everyone wrong when he facilitated a million-dollar deal which involved the extravagant benefactor Sir Wicknell Chivhayo.

By Own Correspondent

Like it or not, the deal was a match made in heaven as it rescued our beloved national senior football team from 2022 ban.

Yes Dr Phil you did the nation proud after Wicki fully paid the amount owed to former Warriors coach Tom Saintfiet.

The Zimbabwe Football Association president went on to sign a number of deals, among them the controversial $1million released by Potraz early this year for Gabon tournament.

How the $1m was spent is a topic for another day.

Chiyangwa also signed a $250k with the government’s owned telecommunications company, netone, which bankrolled the warriors for the Gabon trip.

Profound deals there. Isn’t it?

Inasmuch as Chiyangwa is a financial architecture, he is not perfect.

He has got his highs and lows in his new sphere of influence, which apparently led to his graph rising both regionally and continentally.

The techinical side of administration has exposed Mr Chiyangwa big time. He has been involved in controversial decisions to do with refereeing, a committee which he heads.

Who doesn’t know about the Epoupagate?

The Zifa administration under his guidance is slowly losing its touch in terms of making sound decisions. Of significance to note is the issue of warriors substantive coach. Since the unceremonial departure of Pasuwa as the warriors coach no firm action has so far been taken to fill that void.

Confusion is catching up with the football community wondering  who will take up that role.

Zifa seem to have settled for Coach rotational system which have seen our national football team, the Warriors, being in the hands of three different coaches in a short space of time.

With the latest being a shocker.

Former Shabanie  Mine Coach, Wilson Mutekede was given the role to guide the Warriors during the Fifa international break. The warriors will play Lesotho and Namibia on the 8th and 11th of November, 2017 respectively.

Mutekede will be assisted by Caps United head coach, Lloyd Chitembwe.

A joke isn’t it?

I am not underestimating the potential of the duo but am criticising the confusion ZIFA is breeding in our beloveth team.

First it was Mapeza and Ndiraya for the AFCON qualifiers game, then Chidzambwa and Lloyd Mutasa for COSAFA and CHAN, now Mutekede and Lloyd Chitembwe.

Can we brand this as progress?

I might not be from a solid technical background but my football sense is telling me something aint right.

Questions at the back of my mind, are we going to have a substantive coach anytime soon to end this nonsense of coach reticulation? Why is it taking ZIFA so long to announce, nominate or declare a substance coach? Is this not going to affect the next coach for the 2019 AFCON qualifiers?

Yes we heard some names have been tipped to take over from where Pasuwa left but is it not taking long.

Remember we are in the midst of 2019 AFCON qualifier games and still the Warriors puzzle has one missing link, substantive warriors coach, to end the game.

Tongai Mwenje

Tongai Mwenje is a Senior Editor with Zimbabwe's largest online sports magazine Sportbrief www.sportbrief.co.zw. He has been writing professionally since 2012 and currently writes for technology and sport blogs. He has vast experience in digital marketing, sports reporting and analysis. He is also a Sports and Technology columnist with Financial Gazette Online Sports Column and Technology Magazine respectively.

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