ZIFA Tells PSL to mind its own Business

Local football overseers, Zimbabwe Football Association and Premier Soccer League bodies seem to be operating in parallax as they continue to drift apart, with the former warning the latter against poking in matters that are presided by the mother board.

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In a letter sent by ZIFA’s CEO Joseph Mamutse, the Philip Chiyangwa led organisation warned the Premier League against issuing disciplinary measures on referees, administrators and coaches as it is the responsibility of the local football association.

The Yadah vs Chicken Inn match which was abandoned was the point of reference with ZIFA alleging that PSL had summoned Rahman Gumbo for disciplinary hearing after causing the match to be called off.

“It is the ZIFA technical development committee that has the duty of licensing coaches, players and administrators and thus all disciplinary issues concerning coaches are, and should be handled by the association’s relevant judicial bodies, and not the league,’’ ZIFA said in a statement.

“Premier Soccer League officials are therefore mandated to respect and observe football protocol.”

In their summons to Gumbo, signed by the league’s chief executive Kennedy Ndebele, the PSL acted after receiving the referee’s report, which was out of order because referees fall under the ZIFA Referees Committee.

Yesterday, ZIFA chief executive Joseph Mamutse wrote a strongly-worded letter to Ndebele in which the association put the record straight that football grievances must be referred to the national body for redress.

“ZIFA has noted with concern persistent chaos emanating from poor management of PSL matches and disregard of ZIFA Standing Committee and authority,’’ Mamutse wrote.

“The mandate of the PSL is to manage matches smoothly and the ZIFA constitution clearly states that ZIFA is in charge of Association Football and no one else.

“The Association, through its standing committee, will look into issues of coaches and referees, clubs in the PSL are members of ZIFA (and) hence cannot conduct disciplinary hearings at that level.

“It is therefore ZIFA’S mandate to handle grievances of refereeing, coaching and competition through its committees. We currently have parallel structures in football which renders it confusing as to who is responsible for presiding over these issues.

“PSL should respect football protocol and authority of ZIFA and should, therefore, desist from forming parallel football structures.,” read the warning shots.

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