Equatorial Guinea banned from World Cup for fielding 10 Brazilian players

Equatorial Guinea have been expelled from the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France for fielding 10 illegible players and using forged documents.

By Sports Reporter 

All players took part in qualifying for the 2016 Olympic women’s tournament in Brazil.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has sanctioned the Equatorial Guinea Football Association with expulsion from the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 (in the event of their qualification) and a fine of CHF 100,000 (US$102,000)  for fielding ineligible players during the preliminary competition of the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016 (art. 55 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code, “FDC”) and for the use of forged and falsified documents by two of its players (art. 61 par. 4 of the FDC).

The decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee comes as the result of further investigations conducted after the initial sanctions imposed in April 2016 against Equatorial Guinea.

In particular, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee considered that the following ten (10) players, who all participated in the preliminary competition of the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016, were not eligible to play for the representative team of Equatorial Guinea:

1. Ana Lucia Nascimiento dos Santos
2. Mirian Silva da Paixao
3. Adriana Soares Parente
4. Dulcia Maria Davi
5. Bruna Amarante da Silva
6. Ana Cristina da Silva
7. Jumaria Barbosa de Santana
8. Vania Cristina Martins
9. Carolina Conceicao Martins Pereira
10. Adriana Aparecida Costa

In addition, the players Muriel Linda Mendoua Abessolo and Francisca Angue Ondo Asangono, who also took part in the preliminary competition of the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016 for Equatorial Guinea, were found to have violated art. 61 paras 1 and 2 of the FDC (Forgery and falsification).

And each sanctioned with a ten-match suspension, to be served in the next matches of any representative team for which they may be eligible in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Application of the FIFA Statutes.


Equatorial Guinea are also banned from the next two Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in 2018 and 2020.

The initial ban from the Olympics, announced in April 2016, came after Fifa found that Camila Maria do Carmo Nobre de Oliveira used forged documents in the preliminary competition of the 2016 games.

She was discovered with two passports with different birth dates and two birth certificates showing different parental information.

In 2016, de Oliveira also played in Women’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifying against Mali, who later made an official complaint which led to the Confederation of African Football’s Nations Cup ban.

The two-time continental champions were subsequently disqualified from the 2016 Nations Cup finals in Cameroon (replaced by Mali) as well as the next two tournaments.

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