Women Still In A Limbo


Women still continue to be disparaged when it comes to football in Africa. Little has been done to enhance their football over the past 20 years.

By Daniel Itai


Men relatively have all the attention be it domestically, regionally or continentally.


Although women have shown that they are capable of entertaining and accomplishing their tasks even more than men they still remain in the shadows.

In 1991 the Confederation of African Football (CAF) introduced a continental women’s football tournament notably known as the Africa Women’s Championship which was vaguely participated until 1998 because by then most African countries did not have a women’s national team.

In 2008 CAF signed a sponsorship deal with Orange that would see Orange sponsoring most of the CAF tournaments including the Africa Women’s Cup of Nations (AWCON).

Then the AWCON ultimate tournament winners were being given $50 000 and men $1 500 000 respectively.

The same money which was being awarded to the men’s U17 Africa Cup of Nations was the same as that of the AWCON tournament. In 2016 CAF signed another sponsorship deal with Total which saw the price money being increased in all tournaments.

For the AFCON tournament, ultimate winners will see themselves pocketing $2 000 000 and for the AWCON tournament, ultimate winners will be pocketing $80 000 making AWCON the least sponsored tournament of all the CAF tournaments.

When asked for comment CAF spokesperson Junior Binyam could not give any clarity on the nature of AWCON’s sponsorship. This was also the same with CAF’s new sponsor Total.

The next AWCON tournament will be held next year in Ghana and expected to run from 17 November  1 December with a total of 8 teams expected to participate.

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