Breaking: Zimbabwe Rugby Union Board Fired!!

Following a string of poor results, the Sports and Recreation Commission has wielded the axe on the entire ZRU board with immediate effect.

By SportBrief Reporter

The Sports and Recreational Committee has moved in to dispatch the Zimbabwe Rugby Union Board (ZRU) by handing out suspension to all members of the board as of now.

The ZRU has been under fire as of late due to the dismal run of form that has seen the Sables lose their last four matches to Namibia, Kenya, Tunisia and Uganda.

“I write on behalf of the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) Board to inform the nation that at its business meeting convened on 7 August 2017, the President and the Executive Board of the Zimbabwe Rugby Union were suspended with immediate effect. Note that this decision excludes the Chief Executive Officer who is also the Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Rugby Union,” said a press statement released by the SRC.

“In line with this suspension, none of the members of the suspended Executive Board shall be permitted to transact any business on behalf of the Zimbabwe Rugby Union during the period of the suspension.”

The SRC will now launch a full inquiry into the board to ascertain the goings on at ZRU that have thus far lead to the spectacular collapse of the national rugby team as per statements further made by the sports governing body with reference being made to in-house squabbles within the board.

“The Executive Board has ceased to operate as one unit and as such, fissures have been the order of the day due to infighting that has continued to dog Zimbabwe Rugby Union (current) Executive Board since inception in 2016.”

“This had direct bearing on the performance of Management headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) recently appointed and the National Teams.”

The SRC also mentioned that the decision was arrived at due to the need to mete out justice on behalf of the local fans of the sport who have been crying out for answers in the face of turmoil at the ZRU.

“The SRC does so as a way to protect the rugby loving public from abuse by leadership of rugby which puts forward individual objectives at the expense of the public and brand Zimbabwe. Such Executives forget that the offices are held in trust, hence the need to observe good corporate governance.”

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