Full Interview: Pamtengo Radio Interviews Sportbrief Senior Editor

Pamtengo Radio, an award winning Radio station based in the United Kingdom, on Saturday night hosted Sporbrief’s senior editor, Tongai Mwenje, on their weekly sport segment. The thirty minute show touched on issues around the appointment of Phillip Chiyangwa as the Deputy President for AFCON Games committee, Caps United’s chances in the CAF Champions league, Yadah FC’s off and on the pitch actions among others.

Here is the full Interview…

Pamtengo Radio: Hello Mr Tongai Mwenje with Sportbrief, its good to have you on our show tonight. Before we get into today’s business, could you kindly introduce yourself and your organisation for the benefit of our new listeners.

Tongai Mwenje:  Thank you very much boss for having me tonight on your show. Okay, Sportbrief is the fastest growing online sports magazine in Zimbabwe with a daily readership of at least 15 000 people. The growth of our readership has been attributed to partnerships and collaborations we have done with sport associations, clubs and ministry of Sports and Recreation. You can find us on Twitter and our handle is @SportbriefZW, our facebook is and you can also join us on our Whatsapp groups and the number is +263 717 552 463.

Pamtengo Radio: Yes there you have it,that’s Sportbrief for you, by the way do you focus on Zimbabwe football alone or you are not limited to Zim football reporting.

Tongai Mwenje: We are not limited to football but we cover all things sport be it local, regional or international.

Pamtengo Radio: Thank you Mr Tongai. Now lets come to today’s business, my first question to you is, What’s been the reaction in Zimbabwe to Chiyangwa’a new CAF post? What exactly will be his job and is there any way Zimbabwe can benefit from it?

Tongai Mwenje: Chiyangwa’s appointment maybe viewed by neutrals as a man who is reaping the fruit of his labour. The role he played in instituting a regime change agenda at CAF is a success story that had to be rewarded and surely his role will be massive, with many in the motherland hoping he will be influential enough to pull the strings in a way that will benefit Southern Africa. One has to recall that Afcon has only been hosted by SA and Angola only in the SADC region in the past 22yrs. Its also important to not that his position is not CAF VP but the Vice president of a committee responsible for the hosting of AFCON games where we are confident that he will bring the AFCON games to Zimbabwe during his tenure. We know with Phidza anything can happen.

Pamtengo Radio: Okay, lets shift our focus now to Caps United. What are Caps United’s chances in their group and how have been their preparations?

Tongai Mwenje: Caps United is a good team that has reinforced its squad in a good way. But their solid and attractive performance which we witnessed against Zamalek of Egypt last night may be a telling story how they will struggle. You see, attractive soccer may not be that necessary in cup competitions, but what matters is grinding results. So CAPS may need to make sure they ‘play attractive’ and at the same time grind results. I don’t want to be a prophet of doom but i am seeing a tough task ahead of them. Its very difficult to serve two masters at one one goal, the Champions league and the local Premier league titles, so Caps need to be extra cautious to avoid a disastrous season.

Pamtengo Radio: Tell us a bit more about PSL new boys Yaddah FC, how have they started, how good are they and what are their chances of staying in the league? And tell us a bit about the off pitch shenanigans going on…

Tongai Mwenje: Yadah FC is a good side that can do well in the local premier league if football ethics are maintained at club level. The club leadership needs to separate the club from the church and allow the technical team to execute its duties freely without fear. Jairos Tapera is a good coach, they played well in their first few games winning two and drawing three, all hell broke loose when the church politics interfered with the day to day running of the club and that resulted in a 7-2 massacre against premier league returnees, Bantu Rovers. They went on to lose the other two matches including today’s game against Chicken Inn. The decision to suspend the technical crew headed by Jairos Tapera has backfired big time for the Prophet Magaya owned team. We pray they will come back to their winning or drawing ways when Tapera comes back next week to avoid relegation.

Pamtengo Radio: Is it true that the Harare derby was cancelled in order for a pastor to use the stadium? If true why was that allowed and how did the football fraternity take it?

Tongai Mwenje: Word says the derby was cancelled because of the church events. This is a reflection on how Africa needs to have private stadiums. Clubs needs to invest in infrastructure. But the cancellation was a blessing by the football gods to give CAPS united an opportunity to prepare for their big game against Zamalek.

Pamtengo Radio: Mr Tongai we have to cut you off because of our time. See you next week.

Tongai Mwenje: Thank you!!



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