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Ahmad calls for CAF Audit

Due to corruption allegations against the Issa Hayatou administration, freshly elected Confederation of African Football (Caf) president, Ahmad Ahmad said his first action in the new office will be to conduct an audit of the body.

By Sports Reporter 

The Madagascar Football Association boss who defeated long-term Caf president Issa Hayatou on Thursday, winning the Ethiopia-based elections by 34 votes to 20, said he will call for CAF audit not as a witch hunt exercise but managerial procedure.

“I will go to Caf headquarters and look inside this house – after that, I audit. It’s not a suspicion but it’s management now – an obligation ” Ahmad told BBC Sport.

He added: “When (we) finish the managerial and financial audit, I will call the press to talk about the guide that we can follow. Step-by-step, that is our obligation.”

Ahmad, who was little known prior to announcing his candidacy in January, was elected on a campaign of wide-ranging reforms.

Chief among them were pledges to bring greater governance and transparency to Caf while also promising to work on the African game from the grassroots up.

Ahmad was so emotional after his victory that he struggled to speak when interviewed by BBC Sport minutes after his win.
Dennis Idrissa, a member of the Malagasy’s campaign team, said the 57-year-old was so nervous about the result that he wasn’t in the room at the African Union headquarters when the winner was revealed.

“Ahmad asked me to listen and come back to tell him what happened,” Idrissa told BBC Sport.

“He was outside the auditorium – he was so stressed, so nervous. When I heard the result – I came out quickly and told him ‘Ahmad, you are the new president of Caf.’

“He said: ‘Seriously? Dennis, are you sure? I went back into the auditorium to check. I then had the honour of bringing him into the auditorium.

“And then we lifted him along with the Djibouti President on our shoulders. It was the best moment of my life. We worked so hard for this day.”

Ahmad says he has still to recover from what many are calling a seismic change in the leadership of Caf, following Hayatou’s 29-year reign.

“The shock is leaving but my body is tired,” Ahmad said after what was a gruelling campaign.

The former footballer and coach – and current political senator in Madagascar – is scheduled to rule Caf until 2021.

Tongai Mwenje

Tongai Mwenje is a Senior Editor with Zimbabwe's largest online sports magazine Sportbrief He has been writing professionally since 2012 and currently writes for technology and sport blogs. He has vast experience in digital marketing, sports reporting and analysis. He is also a Sports and Technology columnist with Financial Gazette Online Sports Column and Technology Magazine respectively.

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