ZIFA Set Minimum Coaching Requirements For 2017

The local football governing board, ZIFA, has placed the minimum coaching qualifications that any premier league coach need to hold in order to be eligible to be on the bench on the upcoming 2017 soccer season set to commence in April.




Here is the full list of expected qualifications:



Premier Soccer League
CAF A + Level 4 CAF A + Level 4

Division One
CAF B + Level 4 CAF B + Level 4

Division Two, Three & Four
CAF C +Level 4 CAF C +Level 4

CAF B + Level 4 CAF B + Level 4

Juniors, Primary & Secondary
Level 2 + Grassroots Level 2 + Grassroots

All National Teams

CAF A + level 4 CAF A + level 4

CAF A.                41
CAF B.                114 (3 Women)
CAF C                 193
Level 1 – 4         4000 (Men) 200 (Women)


The first module for the CAF A licence will ran from the 9th to the 23rd of January 2017 while the second module will be conducted between 13 and 27 February.

The above informations was issued by the ZIFA Technical Director, Taurai Mangwiro.



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