Open letter: Disgruntled Arsenal fan attacks Wenger

Arsene Wenger’s Coaching Ideologies can only win us matches not trophies…

By Anonymous

As a true, staunch and passionate supporter of Arsenal for closely two decades now, I can boldly say that nothing impresses me about the coaching style of the old French Man.

To be honest Arsene Wenger is not worthy to be called a world class manager, yes he should not be called that, how on earth can a person be a world class coach and not be able to learn from the same mistakes for more than 20 years.

The man believes in propagating young, talented players and as a result of this most call him a “player builder”. However, the question that should come into the mind of every football fan is “Does this style still work in the present day footballing atmosphere?”

The French man has only won 3 league cups, 5 FA cups, 0 Carling (EFL) cups, 0 European trophies and yet we call him the most successful Arsenal manager.

My heart aches when I see Arsenal perform slightly above average top 4) with the calibre of players we field every season. What needs to be done is to buy more big names and good players not the slightly above average toddlers he refers to as fine footballers.

The major problem of Arsenal though is not the players but the fans, it’s very disheartening to see fans supporting AW despite his woeful performances over the last two decades. A man who insists on holding on to the same pattern without yielding any positive results.

Every season, fans literally pray for their beloved team players not to be linked to big clubs as if Arsenal does not have the potential to become a big club itself. My question is if we don’t beat the Champions how can will be the Champions, the likes of Bayern Munich and Barcelona are the teams we have never knocked out in any of our Champions League meetings and yet we call Arsenal a big club.

Though it’s normal that a club cannot win all its matches, a good club must also not lose important matches, Chelsea is the only big club we have won against this season, we lost to Liverpool, drew with Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs respectively.

This is not the Arsenal of 2002-2009, back then Manchester United was our only threat. It’s pathetic when you see our fans arguing with the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea over which club is bigger when all of these other clubs have European honours (trophies) while we don’t.

Stupidity is when you think we can’t progress if we change Wenger, the Man needs to go and allow a different manager with new ideologies to come in. It’s time we realized that playing good football without winning trophies is like nice advertisement without earning sales.

AW’s Ideology is outdated, for God sake we are in 2016 not 1996. Big clubs makes history not noise, Mourinho on his return to England says “everything about the BPL has changed except Arsenal”, he continued by saying Arsenal has changed but AW will never change. As much as I don’t like the guy, he was right.

Mou himself knows Arsenal is a good club but Arsene Wenger is the cause of our retarded progress, he lacks the mental ability to win trophies, in fact he is immune to winning trophies, now a fool will tell me to stop supporting Arsenal if I am frustrated because of my criticism but I am a DIE-HARD Arsenal fan and that will never change…



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