Should Tsipa Hang His Football Boots?

Aspire to inspire before you expire, goes the old adage. Would this adage apply to CAPS United’s ageless veteran forward Leonard Tsipa who currently leads PSL’s top goal scorers ’chart with 12 goals with two matches to go before the domestic campaign curtain comes down?


With 12 goals under his belt this season, Tsipa according to various online surveys, is the soccer star favourite of this year’s championship marathon.

Born on January 25 in 1982, Tsipa’s career blossomed at Makepekepe where he was part of the formidable CAPS lineup that included the likes of Cephas Chimedza, Ashley Rambanapasi,Energy Murambadoro and Brian Badza just to mention a few, under the tutelage of Charles Muhlauri.

So formidable was the team that they won the premier league title two consecutive times. They were also very popular for playing a very attractive brand of football.

Tsipa was also part of the CAPS players that went to the United Kingdom to play an exhibition match but ditched the rest of the team as he stayed behind in the UK. Upon his return, the player decided to cross the great divide to join CAPS rival Dembare,  a shocking move to many who expected the talented player to return to Makepekepe where he made his name.

Popularly known in the soccer circles as MaLenso, Tsipa unfortunately could not live up to his reputation he built at Caps United. This lack of form at Dynamos did not guarantee his stay there as he left the team.

During his tenure at CAPS, Tsipa had his contract terminated in 2010 by the team management for fanning rebellion among other players by influencing them not to play over unpaid wages. The club later on extended an olive branch to Tsipa in 2013. During the 2015 season, Tsipa also made a couple of appearances for the club.

MaLenso has enjoyed a purple patch his season as evidenced  by his robust form bagging 12 into the net during this season despite missing some games due to injuries.

The million dollar question that is lingering is should “Tsipa hang his boots at the end of the season or should  he extend his career till next year or end?”  Food for thought.

It is still a debatable topic,  likening this scenario to Zimbabwe’s swimming icon Kirsty Coventry who in her heydays was Zimbabwe’s  shining star flying the country’s flag high at Olympics games. Unfortunately this star lost its shine (no pun intended) as it dimmed at the recently held Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.

Is Tsipa likely to fall in the same trap?

Is it the right time to hang the boots with something in his hands?

When the so called right time to retire comes, will he be able to meet and exceed his superb performance in a bid to end the career on a high note? These are some of the questions that most have with regards to Tsipa’s career.

In his life as a footballer, Tsipa only played for CAPS United and Dynamos in the top flight. He won 2 accolades in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League with Makepekepe in 2004 and 2005.


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2 thoughts on “Should Tsipa Hang His Football Boots?

  • November 1, 2016 at 08:30

    One more season will be fine during which he will be teaching the young stars to carry on with the CAPS CULTURE.

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