New Zimbabwe Rugby Union Elected

Nyararai Sibanda is the new Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) president after polling seven votes, to beat Aaron Jani with three votes and Carlton Majuru who failed to garner a single vote at the 21st annual general meeting at Prince Edward School in Harare on Wednesday morning, state broadcaster has reported.

Former Northern Region chairman Noddy Kanyangarara, garnered 10 votes to land the vice president post beating competitor Joseph Kawonza who polled two votes.

There was a single spoilt ballot in the northern vice president election.

Tapiwa Mangezi was voted ZRU vice president southern after garnering seven votes to beat Theodore Weale one vote.

Sibanda, in his acceptance speech urged all stakeholders to set aside their differences, redirect their energies and rally each other for the sake of development of the game of rugby.

He promised to lead the ZRU board and ensure they carry out their mandate and address issues raised during the AGM, including constitutional concerns.

World Rugby, Afrique Rugby representative and Namibian Bradley Bassoon said there is hope for Zimbabwe rugby and Africa as a whole judging by the love and passion of the game shown during the AGM and just ended World Rugby Under 20 Trophy.

He said there is need to harness the enthusiasm and energy to move the game forward.

There is need to embrace the idea of turning the Sables, the 7’s into brands in order to generate more revenue, while the Victoria Falls 7’s circuit should be pushed and revived as part of the long term plan.

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