Watch Live English Premiership League Games Today

Watch the Following Games Live on Your Home of Exclusive Sport www.sportbrief.co.zw

Game Starting Time Channel
Everton Vs Chelsea 1345hrs Sportbrief 1          (SB1)
Arsenal Vs Stoke City 1600hrs Sportbrief 2          (SB2)
Crystal Palace Vs Manchester City 1600hrs Sportbrief 3          (SB3)
Norwich City Vs AFC Bournemouth 1600hrs Sportbrief 4          (SB4)
Watford Vs Swansea City 1600hrs Sportbrief 5          (SB5)
West Bromwich Albion Vs Southampton 1600hrs Sportbrief 6          (SB6)
Manchester United Vs Liverpool 1830 hrs Sportbrief 7           (SB7)


Tongai Mwenje

Tongai Mwenje is a journalist and photographer by practise. He has been writing professionally since 2012 and currently writes for technology and sport blogs. He specializes in reporting and photographing but his main strength is on sport related issues where he carriers vast experience on and off the field. Tongai Mwenje is a professional Horticulturist with a diploma from Harare Polytechnic College. He also has a Computer Certificate with Genesis College. Tongai has done so many projects most of them are Agric related, 2007-2011. In 2012 he left the Agric field to pursue his Sport dream. Currently is pursuing his dream...

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