Jose Mourinho Strikes EPL Contenders

Since the arrival of Roman Abramovich opposition fans have moaned and tried to downplay the achievements of Chelsea Football Club due to the influence of the Russian billionaire.

They accused Chelsea of financial doping and ‘buying trophies’.

The arrival of Abramovich was trumpeted as the end of English football that would be corrupted by the hundreds of millions pouring into the club. Chelsea’s success was belitted as ‘buying the title’ as the established teams at the top of the table cried havoc.

Abramovich has been joined at the top table of Premier League football by a host of other foreign billionaires, after all even fiscally responsible Arsenal have a billionaire having a large investment and say in how the club is run.

In the league the tables have turned too, whilst Chelsea balance their books selling players to fund new acquisitions. Established rivals that have been forced to spend fortunes on transfers as Chelsea watch on. Manchester United, Arsenal and co are all spending tens of millions whilst Chelsea have a reasonably quiet summer.

Chelsea fans will be delighted to hear Mourinho turn this around ‘Now, they are buying the title. All of them, they are buying the title.’

Whilst the impact of Abramovich on English football is plain to see the jibes of buying the title were always hollow.

Teams with money and resources have always been better placed to compete in the league. Something that is evident from the resurgence of Manchester United who have used their significant wealth.

We are unlikely to hear Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool fans complaining as their managers spend the monies from the new TV deal on trying to buy the title. Chelsea are in a strong position but will be tested more next season.

It will be interesting to see the response of club’s if they are unsuccessful and poverty is no longer an excuse.

Credit : Metro

Tongai Mwenje

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